More Good News

February 13, 2007

From Janet:

Just talked to the charge nurse and she said that the white cell count has declined to 20,000, so that’s good news.  Grandma was getting ready to have breakfast and she was in good spirits.  I have requested the doctor to call me just so I can ask him.

They’ll still to the MRI just to ensure there was no indication of a stroke or TIA.  I’ll send info after I talk to the doctor.

News: 2nd CT Scan; Wilda Doing Well

February 12, 2007

From Janet:

I called the nurses’ station and they said Mom/Grandma is doing well
this morning.  They’re prepping her for the CT scan, which means
consuming a lot of liquid, but they said she was being a very good
sport about it and doing what needed to be done.

Doug is going there this morning, Nancy will go this afternoon, and
I’ll go this evening.  We want to have someone there at all times to
ensure we have a second set of ears if the doctor comes by with results.